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Awareness of Tax Suitability (Wealth Managers)

Are you tired to play Russian Roulette with portfolio performance after tax?

The legal system on income tax for private portfolios is very different from one country of residence to another.

But you do not need relearn everything from scratch each time you deal with a new jurisdiction!

There are common rules underlying the income tax of financial instruments. If you learn them, every new tax system will start making sense. Enter the Standard Income Model.

SettleNext has been delivering courses on the taxation of financial instruments since 2010. We have the experience.

Courses for are typically delivered on-site (1 day).


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Foundations of Operational Taxation (Back Office Staff)

This is the original and tested course delivered since 2013, continually updated and improved.

Currently there are no courses on the market providing the real know-how needed for staff in back offices, on the foundations of operational taxation:

Courses for are typically delivered on-site (2 days).


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Tax Radar® Tax Suitability of Client Portfolios

Tax Radar is now provided by a Swiss Financial Knowledge SA.

® Tax Radar is a registered trademark of Swiss Financial Knowledge SA.


Fight Against Money Laundering: Connecting Accounts and Person

Now that AML involves the fight against tax fraud, banks must be able to adopt a look-through approach to companies, at the level of the single transaction.

Indeed, FINMA (the Swiss regulatory body of banks and the financial industry), recently stated (in a high-profile case), that:

To combat money laundering effectively, every relevant department within the bank must be able to see all the client’s relationships with the bank instantly and automatically.

Unfortunately, the Core Banking Systems have not been designed for that function. It is difficult even with modern anti-AML software, to achieve that result.

The problem is identifying what those relationhips between account and persons are, and to pull together the data of the bank into a consistent data set.

There are many obstacles in such a project, and projects can slow down and even fail.

At SettleNext, we are uniquely qualified to pull together people, processes and systems to build a trusted, up-to-date Compliance data repository. We can make it work, so that your Compliance Department can determine, quickly and efficient, what person is connected to what accounts, and with which deposit/withdrawal transactions.

That is because we have both the business expertise and the technical expertise to take the problems apart and solve them.

If you want to systematically relate the transactions of beneficial owners to accounts of companies, trusts, insurance contracts, etc., we can help you achieve that.

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