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About SettleNext


SettleNext is consultancy founded in 2001, active in support to the private banking sector. Since 2009, it has offered training on tax subjects for Wealth Managers and Back Offices on the European Savings Tax and the ”Rubik Agreements”.

Among the key contributions are, as of 2013, the foundations of the Standard Income Model for income tax, which is now increasingly part of the curriculum of wealth managers in Switzerland.

Laurent Franceschetti

Founder of the company and strategic/operational consultant with a scientific background, with twenty-five years of experience in the banking industry. Relying on a spectrum of practical competencies, he helps the Senior Management of banks and other financial institutions meet strategic, operational and technological challenges on a five years horizon.

He as a first-hand experience with legal, operational and technical issues connected with companies in the financial industry.

In the new context of fully fiscalized assets, he assists financial institutions with planning, implementation and staff enhancement, across the various departments (Wealth Management, Compliance, Operations, Accounting, and IT), with a particular focus on principles, methodology, and logistics. He is the original designer of the Standard Income Model of financial assets, now part of the tax curriculum of the Federal and International Diploma of Associate Wealth Managers (AIWM).

He has worked extensively in the field of AML (on-boarding, follow-up of increased risk transactions). More recently he has contributed to the codification and implementation of standard approaches in Switzerland on the monitoring and reporting of AML risks in tax matters (tax offenses preliminary to money laundering).

Originally graduated from the Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland (1990), he worked initially with interbank systems and market infrastructures (Swift, stock exchanges, payment and security settlement systems) and later performed audits in financial institutions. His experience enables him to consider individual financial institutions from a systemic viewpoint, as components of the worldwide financial markets. His expertise ranges from regulatory aspects and bank policy to operational processes and IT developments/maintenance.

SettleNext Laurent Franceschetti is incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland (Swiss registry code: CHE‑109.672.548).

Tax Radar is a registered trademark of SettleNext Laurent Franceschetti (Switzerland, no 708425).


SettleNext provides consulting to financial institutions on organizational issues and on the implementation of regulation to internal processes and systems.

It does not provide any advice on the interpretation on such regulations. By policy, it does not provide any advice on tax matters and does not provide adjudications on any individual cases. Similarly, it does not provide advice to final clients of financials institutions.


In case of doubt, always refer to a competent lawyer or tax advisor.