Advisory for Financial Institutions

Your partners for meeting the strategic challenges of today...

The Challenge: Traceability of Clients, Assets and Transactions

Insufficient client information is costing money to financial institutions, every day of the year. The fact is, new regulations (tax e.g. "Rubik" agreements, FATCA, ...) require a much more accurate picture of the transactions and positions. Nowadays, even the provider of a legacy banking package may have difficulty to deliver solutions in time.

Leveraging your Banking Infrastructure: Practical advice drawn from experience.

As a Swiss Advisory & Consultancy group, our practiced consultants provide advice for the implementation of new regulations AND a measurable improvement of your existing procedures.  No smooth talking or "armchair strategies"; just facts and realistic proposals.

Correcting non-compliance, errors and losses

The earlier an error is found on a transaction, the lower its cost. We work with your people, your processes and your systems. Your reward is better efficiency, less errors and better service to your clients. See our services >>