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Change Management

Spending too much time on reporting?

Reporting requirements for Financial Intermediaries are increasing every day. How much valuble staff time (and salaries) are lost every day, performing time-consuming actions, such as

  • Filling (and repairing) Excel spreadsheets?
  • Filling Word documents?
  • Copying/pasting data?
  • Manipulating pdf files?
  • Filling forms?
  • Sending standard emails to several recipients?
  • etc.

How many long hours (lost week-ends, shortened holidays), as well as stress, errors, loss of concentration on important matters, because of these repetitive tasks ?

Our diagnosis service can help you save your valuable time

All this can be improved. In a short time (usually 1 working day), you will receive an assesment of what your workflows are and what actions could be taken, without buying expensive software or hiring new staff.

Tax Issues

Get on Top of Tax Compliance Chaos

Has tax compliance and the fight against “tax offenses preliminary to money laundering” become a headache? Are you facing confusion, frustration, obstruction or legal threats?

We can help clear up the internal confusion and get things working again.

Tax Suitability: Protect the Performance of Client Portfolios

“Increased tax rate” seems obvious, but have you ever thought about the consequences of “non-deductibility of losses”? In some cases, income tax can take away more than half of portfolio performance! Do not shoot in the dark and hope for the best… or wait until the next court case.

We have services to help you.

See also

Anti-Money-Laundering: Connecting Accounts and Private Persons

Transaction-Based AML

Now that AML involves the fight against tax fraud, banks must be able to adopt a look-through approach to companies, at the level of the single transaction.

Indeed, FINMA (the Swiss regulatory body of banks and the financial industry), recently stated in a high-profile case, that:

To combat money laundering effectively, every concerned department within the bank/financial institution must be able to see all the client’s relationships instantly and automatically.

Unfortunately, the Core Banking Systems have not been designed for that function. It is difficult even with modern anti-AML software, to achieve that result.

Are client data consistent?

The problem is identifying what those relationhips between account and persons are, and to pull together the data of the bank into a consistent data set.

There are many obstacles in such a project, and projects can slow down and even fail.

You will receive a uniquely qualified service to pull together people, processes and systems, to build a trusted, up-to-date Compliance data repository.

You will be able to make it work, so that your Compliance Department can determine, quickly and efficient, what person is connected to what accounts, and with which deposit/withdrawal transactions.

If you have wanted to systematically relate the transactions of beneficial owners to accounts of companies, trusts, insurance contracts, etc., now you can achieve that.

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