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Auditors’ Work after COVID-19: Should we burninate the Big 4?

23 May 2020

Category: posts/2020

Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash

Burninate: fig. to immolate violently and without just cause (Urban Dictionary)

Reading Vladimir Berezansky's thoughtful article "Compliance after Covid 19", got me thinking about what changes this crisis would bring to the financial industry in general. After we exchanged on it, he advised me to reformat my thoughts into an essay. Here it is.

What follows reflects, of course, only my views. Or rather, it reflects "those views" that have been coursing through the banking industry for a while. You know, those subjects that everyone knows about, but one should never talk about in public (shudder)? Yes, "those ones*". Well, someone had to open…

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Entrepreneurship: Faith, is Everything

1 October 2019 (modified: 10 January 2021)

Category: posts/2019

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash

There has been a buzz recently about a quote related to Steve Jobs in the last days of his life, which basically said:

Both watches show the same time…

As we get older we are smarter, and we slowly realize that the watch is worth $30 or $300 – both of which show the same time.

What a few people missed, is that it does not matter at all that Steve Jobs probably never said that. What matters is the spirit, and besides, the…

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